4.5″ Stretched Saddlebags Plastic 1990-2013 2into1


You have found them! These bad ass 4″ stretched bags are made of the same material as factory HD bags. They fit 1990 – Present touring models. The bags require factory HD mounting hardware. They are sold in a set. These bags are extemely strong and easy to paint. They can be used with all exhaust options, no exhaust cut-outs, 2 into 1 or dual cut-outs. These 4″ bags are designed for guys that ride the shit out of their bikes, but prefer a aggressive look.

These Bags come WITH NO CUTOUTS. Customer MUST CUT-OUT your exhaust option. These bags can be 2 into 1 or Dual.

Please allow up to 10 days for delivery!


1990 To 2013 – Harley Davidson Motorcycle Saddlebags

2into1 Cutouts


You have found them! These bad ass 4.5″ stretched bags are perfect for your touring models even if you have a stock rear fender. They are seamless and sold in a set only. These bags are extremely strong and ready to paint, made from our PPO/PA polymer so you know they are tough as shit. You can use all of your stock hardware, lids and with all exhaust options, no exhaust, cut outs, 2 into 1 or dual cut outs. Scared about scuffing the bottom of your bag? Don’t worry we offer paint savers to save your bags from being scuffed at the bottom. Level 2 Installation. See below for more details

  • Stock factory Harley Davidson lids fit like a glove.
  • Will not fit 2014 to present models.
  • Attention DBC dealers: Your bags will always arrive with no cut outs to fit the needs of your customers and their bike specifically.
  • Made in USA.