2015 Road Glide Speedster Windshield


Fits 2015-present road glide windshield


Harley Davidson Motorcycle Windshield
John is at it again, remaking the Fastback Road Glide Windshield Replacement Cap with this brand new Speedster design. This cap is a little more calm compared to its older brother Fastback cap. You can shave down the middle blister to achieve a full slick smooth cap. Made from our famous polymer injected mold, this windshield replacement cap is not only super strong but adds a bad ass look to your Road Glide within minutes. This windshield replacement cap let’s you see over your fairing while adding a whole new style of visibility. Level 1 Installation. See below for more details.

Guaranteed not to crack or break.
Made with injected mold NYB polymer, not ABS or fiberglass.
Easy install and easy to paint.
Made in USA.

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